Many people say that Facebook ads are not working and that it is all just a waste of money. I will show you how to use Facebook ads effectively, as this is what has been working well for me. I will demonstrate how to get your ads to reach more potential customers and how to connect with them, leading to improved visibility, increased sales, lower spend on your ads and overall improved ROI on your ad spend. Here are 3 tips to help you to convert your ads to practical and profitable marketing tools:

  1. Use as many ads types as possible:

Ad types include pictures, videos, GIFs, and carousels. The idea behind it is that within your targeted audience, Facebook knows who likes to see a video and who is likely to skip a video and would instead be more receptive to an image. In short, Facebook knows how the selected audience interacts with different ad types.

To take advantage of these algorithms, replicate your ad in all possible ad formats. This maximizes the chances of your ad being seen by targeted clientele in the ad format that they prefer. For example, you create an ad and a Facebook user who falls within your targeted audience does not tend to watch videos, so Facebook will not show them your video ad. However, because you duplicated your ad in their preferred format (whether that is a GIF, picture or carousel) that audience member will be shown your ad by Facebook’s algorithms, and you therefore have a greater chance of the targeted audience member seeing your ad.

  1. Facebook Story Ad:

Stories on social media are getting trendy, and sometimes you can even see that you have more views and interactions on your stories than actual posts.

A regular story on Facebook will show for 24 hours while a story ad will show for as long as you schedule it for. Stories last for 5 seconds if it is a still image and it lasts for 20 seconds if it is a video story. You cannot add a call to action in a story, but you can offer a swipe up action to your story and divert that traffic to your offers. To make this tool an effective one, just make sure that the story has a clear message about the offer and that you ask your viewers to swipe up to see the offer.

  1. Detailed targeting expansions:

The detailed targeting expansions in Facebook have been available for a while now. However, it is only in 2021 that this feature has started to create magic. If you opt for detailed targeting expansions, Facebook will show your ad to your selected audience and then use a small portion of your set budget to a comparable but broader audience. Facebook will then allocate your set budget to the best audience of both, so you achieve wider reach at a lower cost. This is a must use if you ask me.

Which of these tools have you been using? Moreover, which one have you not had a chance to use yet? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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