5 reasons why Virtual Tours enhance your real estate marketing

A virtual Tour, or a 3D Walkthrough, is a 3D presentation format of showcasing properties to clients near and far. 3D walkthroughs are popular, and more so during these pandemic times, as they portray the properties to potential clients in their full light, allowing them to remotely scout property listings from the comfort and (COVID-19) precautionary safety of their own laptop or smartphone. Simply put, virtual tours are real estate marketing brought to life.

5 reasons why virtual tours are an essential tool for Realtors


  1. Save Resources – money and time
    Having viewed several properties with 3D walkthroughs, Buyers will narrow down their choices virtually and will not require endless viewings, which can be wasteful of both the buyers’ and realtors’ time and money. This backdrop makes for more enthusiastic buyers, as the properties that they have virtually walked through have already “made the cut” and are on the shortlist. Simultaneously, this allows Realtors to reduce inefficiencies associated with wasteful viewings and their resources can be focused on productive activities.
  2. Get ahead of the competition
    Virtual tours are a sleek and elegant real estate presentation format and will surely impress your tech-savvy audience. The inherent transparency of a property as seen on a virtual tour or 3D walkthrough and the perceived ease of (virtual) access to the property listing will positively reflect on your real estate office’s brand perception and credibility, both from buyers and sellers.
  3. Virtual Tours benefit buyers
    Out of town buyers and investors will no longer be required to take a time-consuming and costly trip to view a property abroad that they may have liked but did not feel comfortable in purchasing without first viewing. With our virtual tours, clients near and far are now able to experience 3D walkthroughs of their chosen properties, in a true-to-life format, from the comfort of their sofa thousands of miles away. Virtual tours can be even more vital in areas with a considerable out-of-town client base, such as tourist hotspots with a lively real estate market.
  4. Virtual Tours benefit clients with restricted mobility
    Virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs help real estate clients with restricted mobility save time and physical effort when scouting for their next rental or property purchase. By facilitating (virtual) access to clients to view the property from anywhere, at any time and only shortlist those properties that meet all their requirements, both Clients and Realtors can focus their time and efforts on only those properties that meet the clients’ mobility requirements.
  5. Virtual Tours positively impact Sellers
    If the seller resides in the property, the availability of a virtual tour will minimize disturbance to occupants while the property is up for sale as the number of viewings will be minimized to those genuinely interested in the property. Similarly, if a property is rented but up for sale, the availability of a virtual tour also helps Sellers minimize the hassle involved in arranging viewings when both their tenant and the prospective buyers are available.

Virtual tours are bringing real estate marketing back to life and are a must-consideration for any real estate broker keen on expanding their clientele base and making the client experience smoother and more efficient.

At SMB Digital Zone  we use advanced software and filming tactics while creating our Virtual Tours and deliver user-friendly formats that can be easily shared with your clients. Please do contact us for your Virtual Tour requirements at [email protected] or via https://smbdigitalzone.com/contact/ or you can contact me directly on +971 55 91 99 661.

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