Scrum vs. SAFe: Which Agile framework is right for your team?


Agile project management has made waves through software development circles. Much of Agile’s appeal lies in its flexibility. Thanks to its range of strategies, you can pick an Agile framework suited to your unique needs or strengths. With this in mind, many organizations choose between the Scrum vs. SAFe approach. 

While both frameworks are popular, they can reshape your organization in different ways. So, when deciding between Scrum vs. SAFe, you have to consider your resources and goals. To help you pick the best framework, we’ll describe both approaches, their similarities and differences, and the kind of teams they’re best suited for.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile framework in which small, self-organized teams deliver high-quality software quickly. Scrum development values simplicity, creating adaptable teams that make deliveries based on stakeholder input. To make this work, Scrum devs break large projects into small steps. 

By building cross-functional teams, Scrum empowers devs to address multiple issues and project types. Its small team structure also maintains productivity and cost-effectiveness as requirements change. Smaller teams also ensure every dev knows who to talk to about specific issues. This streamlined setup fosters collaboration and lets team members review their work more thoroughly.

Scrum development relies on three key roles:

  • Product Owners align a Scrum team’s goals with customer and stakeholder expectations. They can also provide feedback or insight on product requirements. 
  • Scrum Masters oversee a Scrum team and Scrum processes. They remove dev obstacles, keeping team members productive and on task.
  • Scrum teams work with the above two roles to complete the goals outlined in each sprint planning phase. They’re the boots-on-the-ground employees who build a product.


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